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Bravo, Max!
Rock, Americana, Punk
Dallas, Texas

“Some sort of unholy fusion of The Walkmen & Wilco.” - Darryl Smyers, DALLAS OBSERVER With (4) members each hailing from vastly different musical backgrounds, they combine an intricate and sometimes orchestral musical approach with cutting, conversational lyrics steeped in deep imagery and understated rhyme. Ben Gastright (bass), JJ Jackson (drums), Johnny Beauford (vox), Garrett Padgett(ax)

Brett Welch
Americana, Acoustic, Country-Western
Lake Charles, LA, Louisiana

Brett Welch is a singer song writer "wanna be" and a college professor "has to be" :). He has been in higher education for over 20 years. He spends his days at the university and his nights writing and performing. He has been in a cover band for over 15 years, but recently started to record and perform his original songs.

Indie, Pop, Tango
fort worth, Texas

Calhoun is a band of men that like to have drinks after finishing a grueling 40 minute set

Camille Cortinas
Indie, Acoustic, Folk
Dallas, Texas

Her human connection and love is heartfelt, her storytelling and personal experiences ring true with audiences young and old.

Carter Albrecht
Rock, Pop, Country
Dallas, Texas

He was a member of Dallas band Sorta, playing keyboards, guitar, and providing vocals. Albrecht also fronted his own popular Dallas band, Sparrows, which included Ward Williams and Danny Balis (also of Sorta), Bryan Wakeland (Polyphonic Spree), Mike Daane (Andy Timmons Band), and later on Brant Cole and Dave Monsey (Fiona Apple).

Chris Dair
Blues, Jazz, Fusion
Limoges, Out Side of U.S.

Chris Dair is a guitarist and composer.

Circuit Breaker Records
Indie, Rock
Los Angeles, California

we create records, collect artifacts, curate new works. we're here to help.

Cranford Hollow
Rock and Roll, Americana, Southern Rock
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

A boot stomp on a dusty bar floor. A clang of a whiskey bottle at last call. A holler from a crowd in need of an encore. It’s grit. It’s sounds of the South. It’s Cranford Hollow. A blended mix of Southern Rock, Appalachian Fiddle Music and American Rock and Roll. It’s music from now and years past, harkening to our country’s rugged and untamed infancy. It’s music woven into our history.

Crash Vinyl
Alternative, Indie, Experimental
Austin, Texas

Crash Vinyl: A once-great rock order from Dallas, Texas. CV was known for their bold antics and complete lack of talent. They seemed on their way to the top when, sadly, the entire band was killed by a errant piece of a Russian satelite that struck the band's tour van while they were returning from a successful State-Fair tour.

Cuevo Perez
Alternative, Psychedelic, Folk
San Francisco, California

Rock, Music, Blues-tinged latin alternative, dark and soulful, a fresh and powerful explosion of lyrically driven rock and roll.

Daniel Markham
Rock and Roll
Denton, Texas

My name is Daniel Markham. I play Rock And Roll music. I just released "Ruined My Life." Listen to it, and come see us on tour!

Darbi Shaun
Country, Acoustic, Americana
Houston, Texas

"Darbi is a wonderful talent. If you have the chance to hear her in song, it will be an experience for your ears that you will not soon forget. Polished beyond her years, this young performer has a bright future ahead." — Matt Davis, General Manager, MainStreet Crossing

USA, Texas

DEADMAN started in 1999 by Steven Collins as avenue to explore songwriting. Having changed from a 4 person format to a duo to a 6 piece band and back to a 4 piece, the sound and message of Collins' songs remain the same. Hope, mercy, themes of life and death are staples of the DEADMAN catalog. DEADMAN is set for a new EP release in June, 2013.

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