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25% Toby
Punk, Rock, Pop
Austin, Dallas, Portland, Texas

25% toby Live at BPL studio. Bio: I am smart. I got people that could play music to make me look good. then new people came, better people. it is all work out. Members Mike Melendi- Guitar player Taylor Young- Drums Toby Halbrooks- Microphone Random People- Bass player

Indie, Experimental, Rock and Roll
Austin, Texas

Marcus Striplin of PLEASANT GROVE has this as a new project and offering.

Alex Borel
Pop, Hip-Hop, Christian
College Station, Texas

I am a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Orange, TX. I currently live in College Station, TX, and attend Texas A&M University. I write about the important things - God, life, family, society, and girls.

American Werewolf Academy
Rock and Roll, Indie, Punk
Dallas, Texas

American Werewolf Academy makes rock music. That's pretty much it. No, they don't sing about monsters and castles. Maybe they have a couple of songs about that stuff, but whatever. Sometimes the the music jangles and sometimes it crunches. Originally from Denton TX, members of the band shared roots in several north Texas bands until settling in Dallas. Any more info than this would be tedious.

Andrew Kelly Borel
Nashville, Tennessee

Andrew was born in the musically oppressive rural town of Orange, TX. After being forced into piano lessons for eleven years by his parents, he finally convinced them to buy him a cheap guitar (for the sole purpose of attracting female attention). After that attempt miserably failed, Andrew learned to love playing guitar as a way of expressing his emotions. He now writes and performs in Nashville.

Angela McClure
Folk, Americana, Country
Austin, Texas

Creative folk meets introspective roots. All songs by Angela McClure, Angela McClure Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Work It Out co-written with Jessica Napier. Highway 44 co-written with Shelby Ruff. Artwork by Rachel McClure. Lettering by Alonzo Felix. Design by Kate Iltis. Produced by Steven Collins with Jacob Hildebrand and Fred Mandujano. Recorded at the Troubadour Studio, Lockhart, TX.

Death Metal
Fort Worth, Texas

We are Astyanax, four musicians united by a deep love for heavy and groovy death metal. The result is what we like to think of as a very unique death metal sound with firm roots in the old school sound (Death, Grave, etc.) mixed with the new school sound (such as Dying Fetus and the "'slam" sound), with a lot of thrash metal influence.

Rock, Punk, Electronic
Dallas, Texas

At Night is a band from Dallas, TX, that combines electronic and rock elements to create a unique, original sound that pulls influences from post-punk, new wave, and electronic music.

Hard Rock, Punk, Electronic
Dallas, Texas

AU·TO FI·DEL·I·TY noun 1 : The predesignated loyalty to one’s true self, and the expression of that loyalty though means of audio format. Modern rock robot punk crash landed in Texas and is here to conquer your mind! Vocal driven power rock with grooves to make you move, and lyrics to make you think. Join the AutoFi Federation today!

Bad Mountain
Americana, Folk, Gospel
DFW, Texas

Debut EP from Americana songwriter based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. It was time to create something that can be done with a band full of diverse instruments or a stripped down version as simple as a man and his guitar. What followed was an Americana/Folk/Country/Gospel medley steeped in Traditional Roots.

Dream Pop, Indie, Rock
USA, California

Blackmarket came roaring out of the Arizona hedonistic party town of Lake Havasu back in 2008. After a triumphant victory in Las Vegas at the Amplify Festival, frontman/guitarist Daryl Lamont, bassist Mikey Emerson and drummer Langdon Chieffo took their honed-since-junior-high-in-basements-and-garages-camaraderie and poured it into their critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Elephant In The Room’

Blackstone Rngrs
Pop, Indie, Electronic
Dallas, Texas

The noise-pop trio formed in 2011. Shuffling from a two piece to a four piece, and finally settling as a trio, they taint the glitz of their home city, Dallas, TX, with a wash of dirty, organic swirls made of analog synths, echoing guitars, and deeply bedded forest rhythms. New album out late summer/early fall.

Rock, Glam Rock, Punk
Dallas, Texas

Originating in Dallas, TX, we in BOBGOBLIN are now spread all over, popping our heads up every now and then with another fucking epic production - sonic and/or visual - that very few see or hear. If you're not hip to the BOB, It's your own fucking loss.

Book of Days
Americana, Classic Rock, Pop
Beaumont, Texas

Book of Days is a band with the diverse influences of the country rock Southern California sound of the early 70s to current Texas country sounds to classic rock and blues. Their most recent release and 3rd CD is entitled "Life Worth Living" and features 10 original songs with universal themes, rich vocal harmonies, great electric and acoustic guitar work, and a very tight rhythm section.

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